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Periodical health check-up (Factory act form no 32 and 33)

  • As per factory act periodical health check-up of worker is required.
  • This will be done by our doctors and trained nursing staff.
  • Health check-up as per factory act form no 32, and 33, ISO, BRC, FDA, Food & Drug safety, USFDA etc.
  • We can do it on site( at company premises) or at our hospital
  • In periodical checkup we will do tests from following list as per requirement,
    • General examination
    • Systemic examination
    • Eye/vision(distant, near and color vision) examination
    • Blood pressure(BP)
    • Pulse
    • BMI(basal metabolic index)
    • Past history of illness
    • Pulmonary function test( lung test )
    • Audiometry (hearing test)
    • ECG & X-ray
    • Laboratory tests etc.