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Construction Worker Health Program

We are government qualified construction site (occupational) health expert. We are dealing with occupational health related activities since two decades. We have special interest and experience of working with construction site related health aspects as per BOCW ACT 1996 (BUILDIING AND OTHER CONSRUCTION WORKERS ACT).

At present we are looking after TATA – ARVIND Township (NewHeaven) near Air force station-Vadsar, Super City Township near ISCON TEMPLE-Bhadaj, GIFT CITY-Gandhinagar, L&T projects, ADANI-Shantigram, Godrej garden city-Gota, TATA NANO plant-Sanand, Kitchen express-Santejetc.

We would like to serve you in following areas,

1) Pre-employment health check-up include,

  • Pulse
  • BP
  • BMI
  • Vision Test
  • Hearing Test
  • General Examination
  • Height Pass for high rise buildings.(Worker is fit for working at height or not?)
  • Past history of illness
  • Allergy and asthma etc.

2) Construction site accident prevention & safety lectures.

  • Small mistake by workers at construction site leads to big loss (human and physical)
    So to make workers aware about safety, we give lectures and seminars regarding
    wearing safety Helmet, Safety shoes, safe work practices etc.
  • We also give awareness lectures on seasonal diseases like Swine Flu, Malaria, Typhoid, diarrhea, Dengue, Jaundice etc.
  • We do oral cancer diagnosis camp and awareness about side effects of Tobacco and Alcohol addiction.
  • HIV AND T.B. awareness.

3) First aid training

We give first aid training to deal with emergencies and accidents at construction site. After getting this training they can deal properly with injured person before ambulance or medical help arrives.

4) First aid kit related guidance and supply as per BOCW ACT.

5) Periodical health check-up

All the workers should be checked at regular interval (Six monthly/yearly). It gives us their health status and helps us to take preventive and curative treatment accordingly.
We can do following tests.

  • Pulse
  • BP
  • BMI
  • Vision Test
  • General Examination
  • ECG
  • X-ray chest
  • Diabetes check up
  • Laboratory tests
  • PFT, Audiometry

6) Vaccination

Construction workers are prone to many injuries so Tetanus vaccine (Injection T.T) should be given every six month to prevent incurable disease Tetanus.

7) Health related activities can be planned to celebrate Safety week, Labor Day,
Drivers day, Independenceday, Construction Company Foundation day, Proprietors birthday, CSR etc.

8) Basic/Executive health check- up Plans.

9) OHC (occupational Health Clinic)-construction site clinic related guidance, material and
staff (Doctors and Nurses) supply, EHS room preparation guidance.

10) Guidance for Ambulance, Group Health Insurance, Yoga, Crèche (Ghodiyaghar) etc.

11) Health risk assessment –
Our team can do assessment of specific work related Health Hazards and give guidance
for prevention of it.

Other than this, we would like to work in any health related aspects of your construction site.