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Occupational health lectures, seminars & program

Construction Lecture

We take lectures on various aspects of occupational health like….

  • Industrial hygiene
  • Health awareness
  • Occupational health hazards
  • Oral cancer diagnosis
  • Addiction and cancer awareness and de addiction program
  • Health programs for Various day celebration like labors day ,drivers day ,safety day environment day ,industries foundation day ,owners birth day , Independence Day etc.
  • Lecture on seasonal deceases
  • First aid and BLS –basic life support lectures
  • Lecture on STD –sexually transmitted decease like HIV
  • Lecture on proper use of safety equipment’s like safety helmet, ear muffs, safety shoes, hand gloves etc.
  • Lecture on food habit
  • Lecture on children and family health care of workers
  • Lecture on specific health hazards like welders eye care, machine operators hand care drivers back care etc.
  • Yoga
  • Inter – personal relationship
  • Team work improvement program